Kounteya Sinha’s Photography Exhibition Stone Opening

On 24th June, 2016 Friday at The Harrington Street Arts Centre was excellent show STONE – Being and Becoming by internationally aclamied photographer Kounteya Sinha.


Kounteya Sinha an Award wining journalist, his passion lies behind the lens. He rarely belongs anywhere. Photographer Kounteya Sinha’s STONE – BEING AND BECOMING – a 95,000 km journey explores and captures the romance of being static — the story of a rock becoming an astounding architectural wonder to the metamorphosis of us humans turning to stone – the phenomenon of unfeeling.

The series of photographs from over 22 countries taken over a span of 440 days portray human creations as silent sentries – breathing and alive. The photographs also document some of the world’s most stunning pieces of architectural work through windows – not to look out, but actually to look within. From the cobbled streets of Prague with its desolate beauty that showed to the photographer a parallel to human life to the “twin heart”, something that photographer will unveil in this show – the only two places in the world where nature has created a perfect heart, Kounteya Sinha’s photographs are harsh yet lyrical.

From left to right US Consul general Craig Hall, actor Mumtaz Sorcar, Dr Rupali Basu, Director Shiboprosad Mukherjee, Producer Atanu Raychaudhuri, Kounteya Sinha and RJ Roy (2)

The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr Rupali Basu, President and CEO, Apollo Hospitals, US Consul General Craig L. Hall, versatile actor Mumtaz Sorcar, director Shiboprosad Mukherjee, producer Atanu Raychaudhuri along with the photographer Kounteya Sinha. The event was moderated by the young and popular RJ Roy.

From left to right US Consul general Craig Hall, actor Mumtaz Sorcar, Dr Rupali Basu, Director Shiboprosad Mukherjee, Producer Atanu Raychaudhuri, Kounteya Sinha and RJ Roy (2)

Dr Rupali Basu thanked everyone for attending and went on to add

“You can feel the stones reverberating with life in the photographs. You just have to look around to see the beautiful creations. Thank you Kounteya, for bringing your talent to Kolkata. I am honoured to be a part of Stone.”

Director Shiboprosad Mukherjee elaborated

“Every stone has a story, be it in Lithuania or Kolkata. The sense that you have elaborated upon these stories is just extraordinary.”

Director Shiboprosad Mukherjee

Producer Atanu Raychaudhuri too was all praises for the photographer, while actor Mumtaz Sorcar added

“He is a true magician. The stone is static, but Kounteya has given life to them. I have been to many of these places but I admire Kounteya’s point of view and how he interprets the world around him.”

Kounteya Sinha and Madhu Neotia

Bobby Chakravorty

Kounteya Sinha with Maina Bhagat and Anjum Katyal

Mrs Madhu Neotia, President of Ladies Study Group Abhilasha Sethia, designer Sharbari Datta, fashion expert Jeena Mitra Banik, fashion designer Agnimitra Paul, actor Bobby Chakraborty, producer Satrajit Sen, writer Anjum Katyal, director of Oxford Bookstore Maina Bhagat, artist Elena Banik, socialite Nina Saxer and Priyanka and Prateek Raja of Experimenter Gallery were present at the inauguration among others.

Agnimitra Paul

Kounteya Sinha

A journey of 95000 kms , 25 countries , 410 days and one story ! 

He has spent half of his life looking at the world as a journalist, Kounteya’s finds a story in the most unlikely of places, is able to peel off layer by layer to expose the real from the got up.

When a passionate photgrapher and an avid Journalist comes back to the roots after 16 years. He rediscovers himself and his city once more and finds his connect to everything living or dead. Stone -Being and Becoming , come and meet  Kounteya Sinha at his show , he is all set to take you to an unforgettable journey showcasing different interpretations about stone.

Almost 25 years ago, you saw him play a part that the world said he deserved an Oscar for. Now he returns to Kolkata to answer Kounteya’s call. The grand thespian Om Puri, who played the rickshaw wala in The City of Joy is flying down from Mumbai tomorrow to host the first ever evening of art for Kolkata’s real heroes – rickshaw walas. 50 rickshaw walas are coming to the Harrington Street Arts Centre tomorrow at 4 pm with Om Puri playing the host. So come to The Harrington Street Arts Centre on Sunday at 4 pm. Show the rickshaw walas the love they deserve. This exhibition now open for public.


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