World Music Day Celebrations Kolkata 2016

This Tuesday 21st June, 2016 was very musical and entertaining day. Normally we listen music all the time, thats life. On 21st day was The World Music Day (Fête de la Musique). In past decade to 21st century its change the industry. Now music is very affordable to listen for radiointernet and many more platform; its growing day by day.



It’s happy to saw that now in Kolkata celebrated World Music day in a great way. Lots of organisations and institutions came up with very interesting events and most of them were free. So it’s a great opportunity to those of you could not effort to have them or trying instruments and your passion. During this time they offer to new comer or unknown musician a big platform to showcase their skills. In Kolkata Park Street is a great connection to music stuff.




Jamming with Yidam (Varun Desai) Pradip Chattopadhyay (Bulada), Ridh and Gabu

collage 2

collage 3

It’s great privilege to this time apart from the audience, to in front of stage. I was  happy to be a part of a amazing team. It was heritage building in Park Street called as Park Mansion where  Music day 2016 celebrations hosted by the Alliance Francaise du Bengale, Park Street.  Stéphane Amalir, the Director of Alliance Française du Bengale inauguration the event. 




This year event celebrated the ‘Unknown Musician’ of our city. In order to make this year’s festival more participative and interactive introduced various activities like
Photo Exhibition by Sukanta Pal & Richa Bhavanam
Sound & Electronic Music workshop by Yidam
Musical instrument exhibit
Performance by students of Academy of Music Excellence
Open Mic by singer songwriters from Kolkata 
Live performance by group – ‘Music Down the Corridor’ 
Live performance by students of Alliance Franacise du a Bengale 




The list of singers  who was performed follows and more

tHe soHam (Soham Bhattacharya)
Carolina Norbu
Dipto Bhattacharjee
Sourjyo Sinha
Shata Mukherjee
Rajasri Mukhopadhyay



collage 1

The schedule was as follows

Exhibition opens at 2 pm
3 pm – 6 pm : workshop by Yidam
4 pm – 6:30 pm : Open Mic (singer songwriter)
6: 30 pm – 7 pm : Live performance by Alliance Francaise du Bengale choir
7 pm – 7.20 pm : Live performance by AMEC
7.20 pm – 8 pm : Live performance by Music Down The Corridor
8 pm – 9 pm : Live performance by YIDAM (workshop output)




Each year, the Fête de la Musique (World Music Day) announced the official arrival of summer in France, and monsoon in India. This year there was no exception to the rule, but yet there was an important development. In Kolkata this popular festival, born more than 25 years back in France. Today hotels, cafes, associations, cultural centres, etc. offer a stage open to amateur musicians and free concerts to music lovers. An exhibition of over around 30 photographs on the theme Fête de la Musique in Kolkata.



It was a breathtaking musical event. Hope you liked it.

See you my next post!


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