West Bengal Local Guides Meetup at Eco Park, Kolkata

This was very first time Google Local Guides Unofficial meetup held in kolkata at Eco Park (Eco Tourism Park) New Town, Kolkata by West Bengal Local Guides Community. On 27th march 2016, Sunday at 10:00 AM  unofficial local guides meetup was held successfully. This was also  very first time offline meetup in our community. Amitesh Gayen and Dr. Shaunak Das organised this meetup with help of community members.



It’s was very nice to see many or almost maximum participants came all the way from Odisha (formerly Orissa) and many different places for attending this meetup.  Basic idea was get together, visit and collect local information to update the google maps, followed by photos. It was open to all event, anyone can join.





Dr. Shaunak Das take the responsibility to make it grand success, though it was very first meetup so many problems was there but at the end of the day it was very much successfully event no doubt about that. On that day weather was very beautiful to experience the beauty of nature, clicking cool photos and hangout with friends. On this process discussed about how to contribute and if any one facing problem pointing out those problems and solved them very nicely.img_3580

So overall it was a great meetup thank you each one of you for part of this Local Guides journey. This was very special day because it was first step to build our community called Kolkata Local Guides Community. Many post coming shortly regarding local Guides and most importantly Kolkata Local Guides Community.


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