Bangla Wikipedia National Seminar & Workshop @Hijli College

This time event was Bangla Wikipedia National Seminar and Workshop at Hijli College, West Midnapore on 28th September, 2015 Monday. It was a one day national seminar & workshop organized by Hijli college in collaboration with Wikimedia India. On that day we Tanmay Bir, Atanu Saha, Biswarup Ganguly, Sujit Kumar Pal and me ( Sukanta Pal) heading towards KGP from Santragachhi Railway Station early morning. We reached on time. Samir Prasad was waiting for us to receive and then we heading towards Hijli college.


After reach we discussed about the agenda and checking the arrangement. On this time we also introduced their fellow teachers and Principal too. It’s was very nice discussion. When we enter the conference hall it’s very well organized.



The hall room was full of participants. After that we slowly enter the hall and takes the chair . They felicated us with flowers boke and also gives a book followed by Inauguration song with harmonium. It was great feeling indeed. Normally nowadays we didn’t get that much love in such college. It was kind of good feeling.

The event started was inaugural speech by Samir Prasad, Sudip Kumar Das, Narayan Kuila and many more. Our first speaker was Dr. Anup Kumar Sen then Sujit Kumar Pal.

Tanmay_Bir_Lecturing_-_Bangla_Wikipedia_National_Seminar_and_Workshop_-_Hijli_College_-_West_Midnapore_2015-09-28_4258 Sujit_Kumar_Pal_Lecturing_-_Bangla_Wikipedia_National_Seminar_and_Workshop_-_Hijli_College_-_West_Midnapore_2015-09-28_4323

After that Dr. Tanmay Bir speech was basic stuff regarding Wikipedia and introduced Wikipedia how to helping their life and how they get benefits. Then fellow speaker was Atanu Saha talked about how it works and how to get involved, also showed live demonstration. It was long session.


After the first half of our event we break for lunch, then continue the Editathon Workshop at college computer lab. This session was taking by me. We started demonstrated live how to edit, how to create a account and many more basic stuff that should know.



Lots of enthusiastic participants asked about so many things and we answered and showing them live demo. Some participants created their account and edit some articles.

Bangla_Wikipedia_National_Seminar_and_Workshop_-_Hijli_College_-_West_Midnapore_2015-09-28_4421 Bangla_Wikipedia_National_Seminar_and_Workshop_-_Hijli_College_-_West_Midnapore_2015-09-28_4403

We installed avro keyboard software to all the computer and teach how to use it in very perfect manner. All participants were excited about write bengali and read bengali articles. Biswarup Ganguly was taken all pictures, he was official photographer our event.


After the valedictory speech ended the event successfully. It’s was overall very nice event. I would like thanks each one of you the Hijli college organizing team and also my fellow speaker. We are happy to organize more such event like this. Once again thanks a lot all of you for your hardworking it shows very nice way. At the end of the day it was very successful event, and we are happy to be part of it.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog 🙂


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