Community Meetup Kolkata

It was first time we host event  Community Kolkata  Meetup. It was two days event completely focused on mozilla contribution and networking, contributors from different place,towns and cities all over West Bengal. This was annual event with clear ambition to unite our efforts to build a better community. We were growing tremendously and had some very successful and productive events for almost all Mozilla Projects. This Community Meetup happened on 29th -30th August, 2015 at CCD Park Street and Meetup Space, Kolkata.
This meetup was includes functional pathways & regional community development , community recognition, planning 2015-16 events, mentoring metrics, communication, women empowerment, community structuring, creating new task force in Kolkata etc.
It was two days of event 
Day 1 :
  •  Registrations
  •  Event Kick Start
  •  Discussing about last year progress
  •  Set this year goals
  •  Quilt Session
  •  Womoz
  •  Web Literacy & Web Maker
  •  Mozilla Location Services
  •  FSA Program continued
  •  SWOT session
  •  Snacks break
  •  Group pic


Mozilla Community MeetUp Kolkata Day 2

Day 2:
  • Event Kick Start with Mozilla reps program
  • Functional Pathways 
  • Regional Community development
  • Localization
  • open Source
  • Firefox OS
  • Lunch
  • Chota fennec
  • SUMO & QA
  • Mozilla Kolkata Taskforce creation
  • Snacks
  • Community recognition
  • Community Blog
  • Wrap up session
  • Group Picture


In two days of event we have discuss a lot like previous years events, planning, sharing thought, collaboration, teamwork, future road map, engaging new contributors. We also directly discussed with our womoz community, FSA community as well as how we can encourage MLS contributor. Overall we brings lots of area which didn’t covered normally. After that we also documented whole thing in mozilla wiki page kolkata. Community members and new contributors were joined this event: — with Sukanya Mandal, Niraj Ranjan, Priyansu Ganguly, Abhyudaya Gunner Chatterjee, Shreetam Chowdhury, Biraj Karmakar,Sumantro Rijndael Mukherjee, Gaurab Patra, Saptarshi Mitra, Debapriya Bhattacharya, Sayantan Saha, Dipak Kumar, Srijib RoyRadha Kumari and Sayantan Saha

more pictures are here

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog 🙂

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