Hola folks,

The Wikilearnopidia is a public outreach event or program in which the participants are came from various diverse backgrounds. This event was introduced to the basics of Wikipedia (and also other sister project) and how to get involved or contribute to this project. Wikilearnopidia event happened very first time on 23rd August, 2015 from 5 pm to 8 pm at Oxford Bookstore Kolkata.


This programme was organised by the Wikimedia india, Wikipedia Kolkata Chapter or community in collaboration with the Oxford Bookstore Kolkata.

The event kick started with introductory keynote by Neelanjana Dey. This event was nice participants from various backgrounds, around 35 + participants joined us on that day. It was a live demonstration followed by hands on activities, so that it helps participants to engage this awesome workshop. This event was very engaging and also informative session. Lectures, presentation and hands on demonstration with full of interaction were given by Rangan Datta, Santanu Chandra, Sujay Chandra, Partha Sarathi Banerjee, Kalyan Sarkar and assisted by Sukanta Pal, Photographed the whole event by Biswarup Ganguly.

Editing_Session_-_Wikilearnopedia_-_Oxford_Bookstore_-_Kolkata_2015-08-23_3586 11896214_10153171256619576_5596853276343350371_n

In this event many newbie join us and create a Wikipedia user account on that day and we are looking forward to seeing their contributions and others hearty welcome to the Wikipedia family.


Interactive_Session_-_Wikilearnopedia_-_Oxford_Bookstore_-_Kolkata_2015-08-23_3783 11960052_10153171256069576_7009383789711137191_n

The three hour duration workshop held was very informative and most importantly participants were interested to know more about it, asked lots of questions and participate actively. This long three hour duration event was a short tea break in between followed by cashew cookies and spicy hot tea.


This event was a grand success thanks to each one of you, for their great effort it would not be possible. Special thanks to Subhadip Mukherjee for helping this venue and a nice collaboration. It was great to see some awesome wikimedians come to cheer up, supporting very nicely like Tanmay Bir, Indrajit Das, Sumit Surai and many more thanks a lot . Last but not the least I want to thanks each one of you for their contributions and great enthusiasm this event make grand success, so cheers for you folks. We looking forward to more more event like this and also trying to host different kind of event. Join us our Facebook page Wikipedia Kolkata Chapter for upcoming events and updates.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog 🙂

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