SUMO Session in Kolkata

This is very first time happened in Kolkata a special event for Mozilla Support Forum or  SUMO. This SUMO Session in Kolkata  event happened at  Meetup Space, Barasat on 9th August, 2015. In this event we teach people how to contribute in SUMO. Also we will translate kb articles in bengali, AOA, Support Forum and others project.



In this session we guide newbie and also others contributors to this project and live demonstrating each and every project so that they can  easily contribute effectively. After  Introduction about SUMO and explain about the tools we did break for lunch.



After lunch we working SUMO project and helping newbie on this project. We discussed the contribution part of SUMO, how you can choose your favorite project and working on it. Biraj Karmakar, Sumantro Mukherjee, Debapriya Bhattacharya and me (Sukanta Pal) was conduct this  event. Thanks all of  you for actively participated in this session.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

See You my next blog 🙂


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