Interviewing Users for Mozilla – Secondary Research – Week 3

Hola folks,

I’m back again with mozilla Interviewing users research work Week -3, this week I’m going to focus about Interview Techniques. Interviewing involves more than just interviewing. It is absolutely the core of the interaction with your participant, but there are other techniques (or if you prefer, methods; or if you really prefer, methodologies). You should consider the interview itself as a platform and try to organically integrate a larger set of techniques.


Interviewing as Qualitative Research, to the import of proper interviewing technique and interviewer etiquette. Some of the fundamentals techniques are listening, ask questions, respectful (encouraged to explore their experiences), don’t interrupt, make feel comfortable etc. You can check my previous blog for more information.

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This time I’m mainly focused on about the Large Screen Experience from the perspective of my interviewee. So lets start, It was a nice opportunity talk to people, interviewing them. It’s fun to doing that and also face some challenge. Overall its a nice experience. Yeah like others I also interviewing people but first time i try to be informal and detective way or you can say indirectly. Most common and available place of  Large Screen the Shop ( TV Shop). Nowadays because of shopping mall you can get lots of product in one shop, that means you can talk to diverse background of people. After I research and interview many shops, mall, store etc. I get lots of information that can help clear understanding and draw a clear picture on canvas.


Firstly straight to the point people are not interested in buying TV, they interest in buying Large screen that can helps their daily life much easier way and most importantly they wanted to used their Large Screen in daily basis. That’s why people buying Big Screen used their daily work much easier way. Most important things people watch before buying the product that’s feature. Those feature and related to accessories helps people to buying a large screen in a new way. So people buying product with lots of features. But here is a catch though large screen are available affordable price bracket, Its sad to see some kind of people are not buying those product when its comes with lots of feature. Literally when adding those features in a Large screen it also increase the price level. That’s a basic thing i found.

4818599233_00d223a056_b 4637147434_f07b4a91a8_b

We know that many people use their first computer thats is their smartphone. Thats a turning point of those people, now those people looking for big device, then Phablet, iPad came to the picture. Now people doing desktop work with large screen using their device, so that’s feel familiar to Desktop computer.


So before I end, I shared a story that I recently observe in Dragon Festival. I went their, because of small place its too crowd and less space empty for dragon dance. So lots of people and photographer gather to saw the dance. This time I capture Photos and video my iPad. Due to small space not all the people directly see the dance, they saw through my iPad. After ending dance people thanks me, this time I did not realize that. After that I realize the impact and love of large screen, people actually watched the live dance program on my iPad. This story simply tells lots of story of big Screen. Tag line is people needs Large Screen with lots of feature in a affordable price bracket.


Last but not the least I want to thanks mozilla and whole marketpulse (mozResearch) team for this wonderful course. Specially thanks to Emma Irwin, Akshay Tiwari, Robert Reyes, Lindsay Kenzig, Dominik Strohmeier for mentoring through out this course. Hopefully in future lots more Opportunity will be open regarding this and love to learn more interesting stuff from you guys. Stay tuned for more interesting research work.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog 🙂                                                        P.C ©-ntr23

See you my next blog.



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