Interviewing Users for Mozilla – Secondary Research – Week 2

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I’m back with another Interviewing users research work Week -2 , this week I’m going to explain about Interviewing field guide. The field work is a document that details what will happen in the interview. Creating this detailed plan is an essential preparatory step. This interviews may be never happen as you thinking or imagine, but it’s good having a detailed pre planing that’s help you to be more flexible during interviews section.


So let’s get started, before I do that I just explain some thoughts about “Large Scale Experience”. After that I’ll preparing interview to better understand how people feels about Large Screen in their lives, business, visions and dreams for the future. The term “Large Screens” refer to displays that are larger than the typical computer screen, and/or are being used/viewed by multiple people.
Now days people’s are using large screen their very own smartphone to their bed room in TV set giant monitor,motor cars, lots of are using computers monitor as wide screen, sports time cricket in India like for example IPL people peeping through window to show the match it’s interesting, people also like to watch big match in big screen like any shopping mall, club, theater that extended multiplex movie hall etc. So literally we used large screen every where in daily lives. Most importantly lots of features attractive maximum people like screen share, apps, OS, various functionality, touch screen etc. If we look back to early days people use large screen mostly TV, they used to watch their favorite programs. Slowly that changed I still remember when I first play video games in TV using video game console (that time game used to in a cassette). When people are boring with TV content they need it right now, they looking for DVD player for playing what they need when they need, I just talking this stuff cause understanding how it’s more important to serve a better large screen also attach to accessories,smart technology. Use of large screen in different manner, different country around global, different style of using it, so that’s put in a clear picture how they consumed in diverse backgrounds people. We are interesting in developing screen hardware getting less expensive to produce in the world and also accessories, that complete the whole picture. In fact now invented lots of accessories that helps to using Large Screen more flexible more friendly and also very affordable price. Some of companies or organizations like launching awesome technology that’s indicate the future of large screen very high. Technically we love using it.

Fields works very important an interview that can gives you a clear cut idea what the person is, how you talk, like dislike, how to comfortable with them some questions set for interview, his/her reaction week point and success lots of things. But it depend upon who you interview that kind of person. Be prepared is a good thing to nicely handle it, if their is going wrong something you can try to figure out how to handle that. Unfortunately not all the time works perfect so be positive and solving the situation in yours way that’s challenge part. But it’s interesting to learn new experience and lots of knowledge that you can’t read through text. When starting interview it’s most important to be comfortable with this person, it’s very helpful. Sometimes I saw some interview, before they going to final interview they always to be familiar with the persons. Some cases they are also discuss the same topic in few times in such a way they are comfortable to talk about it and feel free share their thoughts regarding the topic. If you not make feel that person comfortable it’s difficult to continue the process, because that’s create awkwardness that’s not good, this thing effect on interview and effect his/her answer.

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Don’t starting with questions that you need it most, asked about yourself talking to these people some random question(ice breaking section) that more interesting it’s like warm up section, sometimes it’s very helpful to ask for tell them a story, after that you can ask lots of questions regarding this story he/she shared and flow your conversation. It’s impotence who you interview seniors, young person, kids, male or female and many more some situations you feel age difference or something that you can’t relate those person, it’s important to study those kind of people or gather knowledge to how to tackle this situation like this.

One more thing that you can’t control it’s a mental situation of that person, because some times it’s happened and that can effect on interview so try to figure out that situation are you talking to it’s good for asking those questions and slowly building the structure. Body language it’s a very nice way to understanding the people situation if he feel comfortable if he sad and also facial expressions it’s says lots of things. Other thing matter where you interview, situation of the places you have to manage or adjust with place otherwise you’ll feel uncomfortable, that’s not good for interview. If you ask too much general question people sometimes find to hard to answer it. If you do some specific questions can you tell me the last time you did this activity and tell them to tell a story about that. All of us know how to tell a story pretty easily, that can give you way to get them to open up something that relevant to them they remember they feel comfortable and always be good listener may be it’s not your topic.

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Another tactic I use to remember is if you ask questions somebody just give couple of words answer then they just like you asked the question they just say O I did this,did that and they are not really engaged, just wait and be silent and see if they continued talks because they are feels awkward to talk little bit and just be with it that uncomfortable ness. When you going to any interviews you have to studying on that what you going to interview, for example large screen. When you study on that topic that helps you continue your interview in a extra milage and collecting information what you need. Thats the basic idea of it.

It’s been a great pleasure to learn lots of interesting cool things during mozilla interviewing research weeks with excellent mentors. Looking forward to more things to learn, and love researching Yah. Stay tuned for next post on Week 3 research work and more to come.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog 🙂                                                        P.C ©-ntr23

See you my next blog.


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