Phoenix Techfest & Carnival 2014


This mozilla event happened during PHOENIX 2014 , PHOENIX 2014 ( Official Techno Management Fest) which is scheduled to be held on 22nd to 25th February, 2014. Being an inter-college fest of national level, it provides a huge platform for budding engineers and creative talents across the country. Phoenix usually features various events based on different engineering branches as well as based on pure sciences. It was also comprises of many non-technical events meant to promote the creativity inside people. The fest cum carnival is open to any student from any institute.


Phoenix Techfest & Carnival 2014  event held on 22 – 23th February, 2014 at Future Institute of Engineering and Management, Sonarpur Station Rd, Sonarpur.

Attendees are:

1. Swarnava Sengupta (Mozilla’s presence organizer)

2. Kaustav Das Modak (Rep attendee)

3. Soumya Deb (Rep attendee)

4. Priyanka Nag (Rep attendee)

5. Sayak Sarkar (Rep attendee)

6. Sukanta Pal (Mozillian attendee)

7. Srijib Roy (Mozillian attendee)

DSCN0078 DSCN0086

Event Schedule:

Day 1:

  1. Brief Introduction to Mozilla
  2. Mozilla products at a glance
  3. Brief on Webmakers (Thimble, X-Ray Goggles, Popcorn)
  4. Brief on Platform products (Firefox, Thunderbird, B2G)
  5. Brief on supporting projects (Addons, Devtools, Persona, Marketplace)
  6. What-Can-I-Do-For-Mozilla (Q/A)
  7. Hands on to WebMaker tools
  8. Hands on Building Your Own Firefox
  9. Demo of FirefoxOS (with How-To’s)
  10. Hands on Firefox Devtools, Persona Login & Addons/Webapps
  11. Closure

DSCN0097 DSCN0084

Day 2:

  1. Introduction to MDN.
  2. Hands-on session on MDN development / Document Sprint
  3. Introduction to Firefox OS.
  4. Developing Web-Apps [Hands-on session].
  5. App Demos


Picture Courtesy : Soumya Deb

Thanks for reading my blog 🙂   



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