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Hola folks,

It’s been a long time I’m not published some awesome Mozilla event’s blog, I know  I’m late, but better late than never.  So here you go, it’s was a most memorable event for me. This event happened on 29th -30th March at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.

13564129335_5c67bf9d13_o  13564133425_2f60104eea_o

This days was very hot day, but didn’t realise that because of enthusiasm. It was my first time visit to IITKGP (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur),  I take a train from Howrah station early morning and heading towards to Kharagpur for the event.  It’s very big campus I’m pretty shock to see this things. After searching  I found the venue PC LAB II, CIC.  I recognize some faces Soumya Deb, Umesh Agarwal , Biraj Karmakar, Sayak Sarkar etc. then slowly sit down with other students in lab.

13564208143_47e513a9b4_o 13564226463_5b885854c0_o

All computer’s running Ubuntu, I don’t know that much of bugzilla, so I studied on it. Slowly event started Manish Goregaokar suggested some bugs on etherpad. I try to solve this thing, terminal and lots of stuff it’s pretty interesting. I must say Manish help me a lot to learn those thing , I ping him maximum for  little bit of  problem he respond it without any delay. That’s environment was very nice to growing up your confidence little bit , but I can’t solve this bug after lots of try.

13564186365_916323b2c5_o 13564234033_e5d0b4893e_o13564357624_d9a2ea12ec_o 13564507184_6b1e2b5923_oTime for  lunch break we heading towards restaurant for lunch, I was pretty sad that I can’t solve any bug. This  break time we discuss lots of topic regarding this followed by  small adda to feel comfortable with other  contributors like  reps , mozillians etc. I closely know only Sumantro over there.


After lunch complete we back to PC Lab, little bit times left I thing I can’t solve this bug, but it happens I did it, because this environment was pretty nice felling motivated, not only me some IITKGP students not solve any bug, then slowly some times after good this happen some other IITians also solve bug and  some guys solved 2-3 bugs.

Bug Zilla 13564139023_b82b60b8e9_oFinally rewards time, it’s good feeling when you do something and get rewarded it’s awesome felling.

Sukanta Mozilla Swag

One guy solving another bug on that day but this time Deb waiting for  giving him prizes but he solving the bug, we are waiting this guy it’s a awesome to such enthusiasm. After giving prizes we are talking each other to say goodbye. This day I learned and earned lots of thing it’s very special event for me, though due to some heating problems turn out bit low , but some active participation it was a fruitful event. Lots of thing happen during this event I can’t explain those feeling, it’s memorable.

Finally I want to say thanks some awesome people out there because without their help it would not be possible  Umesh AgarwalBiraj KarmakarSoumya Deb, Manish GoregaokarSayak Sarkar, Saurabh AnandGauthamraj ElangoSwarnava Sengupta, Sumantro Mukherjee etc.

Important Info:

Reps Event Page: Click here

Facebook Event Page : Click here

Event Pictures:  Click here

Facebook Page Firefox Club : Click here

Others Blog : Umesh Agarwal

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog 🙂

See you my next blog.




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