Firefox OS Booth at Wiki Conference @JU


It was very first time we hosting Firefox OS Booth at Wikipedia Conference. That’s why I’m pretty excited about it. It was a  Bengali Wikipedia 10th Anniversary Celebration Conference , this event taken place at Jadavpur University on 9-10 January 2015. It was a two days of event.


DSCN3349   10929546_10202824978420105_4117226978150914726_n (1)

So we are heading towards Jadavpur University in the morning,

Attendees are :
1. Biraj Karmakar (Host)
2. Swarnava Sengupta
3. Debapriya Bhattacharya
4. Koustav Samadder
5. Sukanta Pal


DSCN3317 DSCN3320

DSCN3339 DSCN3338

We are setup our booth with lots of banner poster,  Biraj da specially creating some banner, pamphlet, leaflet for this event, this was pretty cool. After inauguration the Wikipedia conf program we started our booth ready to roll. Boom!!!

BNWIKI10-Sukanta_Pal-Wikipedia_10th_Anniversary_Celebration BNWIKI10-Sukanta_Pal_Busy_at_Mozilla_Kiosk-Wikipedia_10th_Anniversary_Celebration

DSCN3357 DSCN3350

DSCN3343 DSCN3353

In two days of event we getting awesome response, not only young generation but also senior generation. It was nice experience to teach the people about Firefox OS phone. Oops sorry I forget to tell about  that we are given booth also FSA. Overall it’a quality response we get I would say.

10898142_10202166742329856_2440659024102958428_n DSCN3380

DSCN3390 DSCN3393

Most interesting thing when sound Stuff working as a auditorium asked about Firefox OS phone……. after understating and hands on this device, he gonna like to buy it.

DSCN3415 DSCN3406

DSCN3405 DSCN3416

Important Links are:

Picture :   Click

Event Link: Click

Hashtag:  #fxosboothkol

It was indeed a great pleasure, So I would like to thank you biraj Da not only hosting this event but also supported a lot. Those two days spending great time teaching, learning, sharing with my fellow reps, mozillians. Hoping for next one like this.


Hope you enjoyed reading my blog!




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