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Overview :

Mozilla Bengali India BN-IN Community very proudly hosted the first exclusive Bengali India Firefox for Android (Fennec) Community Launch Event all over the India.  First of all “Fennec”  term means Firefox for Android, and code name is Fennec. This event Organized our well-known Local bn-In Leader and Mozilla Reps Biraj Karmakar , and this  event designed as an Invitation only event for Core contribuitors to Firefox for Android in Bn-In. The event is to recognize and celebrate the milestone of releasing Fennec in Bengali language and the extra efforts of the Bengali India Firefox for Android (Fennec) Bengali localization community in India, public recognition for the contributors and inviting more participation in the Bengali community’s efforts in making Firefox for Android, and Mozilla software available in Indic languages and driving public adoption and use of these newly available localization.

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This Kind of exclusive l10n event 1st time happened in Kolkata. All credit goes to the  our local leader and Mozilla Reps Biraj Karmakar  and Mozilla for hosting such kind of great  fruitful event in Kolkata.



The core contributors of the Bengali Localization Community  are listed below.

  1. Biraj Karmakar (Host)
  2. Swarnava Sengupta
  3. Shahid Farooqui
  4. Gaurab Patra
  5. Dwaipayan Kundu
  6. Koustav Samadder
  7. Srijib Roy
  8. Ishita Mukherjee
  9. Sreemegha Guha
  10. Satwiki De
  11. Kumar Anirudha
  12. Sumantro Mukherjee
  13. Sukanta Pal
  14. Ayan Choudhury and
  15. Debapriya Bhattacharya


Schedule of the Event:

2.00 – 2.15 pm -> Meetup at the proposed venue (Cafe Coffee Day)
2.15 – 2.30 pm -> Contributor Introductions
2.30 – 2.40 pm -> Brief Discussion of Mozilla Localization (Firefox, Fennec, Firefox OS etc)
2.40 – 2.50 pm -> Mozilla Product Release note
2.50 – 3.00 pm -> How you can contribute more in Fennec ( translation , testing , QA and l10n bug   solving)
3.00 – 3.10 pm -> TEA BREAK
3.10 – 3.30 pm -> Discussion about bn-IN style guides and terminology
3.30 – 4.30 pm -> Enjoying launch party with cake and sharing ideas , fun
4.30 – 5.10 pm -> Discussion about problems facing by contributors and solve them
5.10 – 6.00 pm -> Wrap up: Feedback from Members
6.00 – 6.20 pm -> Swag Distribution and photo session
6.20 – 8.30 pm -> Community Dinner


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This Grand event happened  at CCD ( Café Coffee day) , Prince Anwar Shah Road near Navina cinema Kolkata. This event kick off throught Biraj  Karmakar’s motivational Speech  of  Localization was very helpful, and we are tried our best to continue conversation in Bengali . Firstly all  participants are introduce yourself and then Biraj da  started our conversation with localization, BN-IN team, problems faced by contributors and other related topics and told about the Mozilla product release. Our   discussion was absolutely fantastic aout Bn-In localization and it was more awesome with CCD Vanilla Frapee’s, Some Participant have problem facing to localizing, but I think this meetup helped to improve  their doubts to clear and more confidently they can do, Also Biraj Karmakar and  Swarnava Sengupta enlighten some localization topic like  bn-in style guiding translation , testing , QA and l10n bug solving etc. After solving maximum issue we looking forward to get some cool tips and tricks that helps to improve our work in better way.

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Swags were distributed at the end of the discussion and  something very special T-Shirt giveaway some  core Contributors. Ist time Biraj Karmakar making  Very Special T-Shirt for L10n Contibuitors desgined by  Eilo Qoshi . It was great T-shirt indeed. This T-shirt Special made for recognizing Our Great Core Contributor for their awesomeness.

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Then begun followed by photo sessions.



Community Dinner at Mainland China:

After the event , we headed for Dinner at  Mainland China, South City Mall, Kolkata for having our Mozdinner.  We celebrated by cutting Yummy Cake  with L10n design logo and  followed by some great photo  session.

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A big thanks to Biraj da for the yummy and lovely cake, and  gala Community dinner Served. We are enjoying our dinner with lots of talk , discuss. Actually its look like Mozfamily. After Dinner we take a Group Picture ( Foxy Style),Biraj Karmakar setup for camera for Perfect group picture and also we shoot some great video of the program and lots of MozPicture. And at the end of the day each and every one very satisfied  this kind of event.

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A big thanks biraj da for the great event and we want this kind of event in Kolkata.I want to thanks Biraj Karmakar for inviting me. Personally I love it , and motivating to contribuite more and more. Thanks for the invitation Once again thanks Mozilla and thanks to all my fellow  senior, junior mozillians and Mozilla Reps. Last, but not the least Thanks Mozilla for everything.  I hope we  organize more such kind of  great events in Kolkata. Great time Spent with some awesome Mozillians. I’d like to thank Biraj Karmakar and Mozilla for this wonderful Event. I hope we(Mozilla Kolkata Community) will organize more meetups like this in future.

Some Important Links:

Picture: and




Twitter :  #bnINfenneclaunch

“Doing Good is a Part of Our Code”

Mozilla Rocks!!!





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