Apple Worldwide Developers Conference – WWDC17

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

#WWDC17 | June 5–9, 2017

San Francisco
San Jose

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Google Local Guides Summit 2016

It was first time Google hosted Google Local Guides Summit 2016 at San Francisco, California on September 13- 14th 2016. Google Summit sounds cool, it was a great oppurtunity for contributors to part of this excellent Summit (#LGSummit16). We Kolkata Local Guides and West Bengal Local Guides Community happy that from here Our contributors make it for grand Google Local Guides Summit 2016. it was a proud moment from Kolkata Local Guides community our one of the key member Dr. Shaunak Das received call for Google for their Google Local Guides Summit 2016. 


Summit Group pic | by sukantapal1
Group Photo Credit : Google Local Guides

It was all about experience the journey, learning, networking and share it other fellow members to inspired them fullest new level. That’s how community grow. Shaunak Share lots of interesting stories before and after Summit happened. One thing mostly came out that he did a great job few years for Local Guides and finally this full-fill those hard works nicely. It was Google Summit it should be Grand no doubt about that, actually it was more than that. Lots of activities, session and learning experienced it was. Those memorable experience this one blog post not enough. Make it more interesting adding more photos rather than text.

Directly from Shaunak

What is Local Guides programme?

Local Guides is a global community of explorers sharing their discoveries on Google Maps. Help others find the best spots in town, make new friends, and unlock exclusive benefits along the way, to know more please visit here
Google invited us there as some of their top contributors to Google Maps and Local Guides. Any Local Guide at level 5 was able to apply. We were the selected 75 from 37 countries.

Only four people got selected from India. But due to visa problem two attended the summit.

My role in local guides programme and details :
I joined their program last year, in the month of November. My local guides current point is almost 2500 and I contributed so many photos to Google maps, edited and added numerous places (more than 1500) in Google maps. Also I have reviewed more than 600.
On 20th May I got an invitation letter from Google that they invited 75 total local guides from all over the world to attend their inaugural summit at Googleplex, at Sillicon Valley.
Summit details :
The summit days were very short and just for two days. i.e. 13th & 14th September, 2016

Google paid all my travel expenses and we stayed at Hyatt, San Francisco during the summit days. I arrived San Francisco on 12th Sep via Abu Dhabi (Etihad airways). The journey was so long, it took 4 hrs to reach Abu dhabi , then 15 hrs to reach SFO. Google did airport transfers for all of us.


On 12th sep around 3pm I visited Golden Gate bridge with some other friends and walked all over. We had a welcome dinner at Hyatt hotel and it was really awesome to meet other 74 local guides.We shared some souvenirs among us.

Day One: On 13th morning we went to Google HQ at Sillicon Valley, mountainview. Met with Googlers and walked along the entire google campus. Saw some awesome things like Google visitor center, Google android garden etc. We had lunch at Googleplex. The canteen space was huge, and I met some Indian Googlers there.We had some exclusive meetings with top Googlers too.



Day Two : On 14th we visited Google San Francisco office and met other Google employees there. We all geo walked after the lunch. Witnessed the streets of San Francisco, cable cars (tram) , met with locals.
On same day we had closing party at Mission Bowling club.
20160913_092620 | by sukantapal1
Next day on 15th some of us went to Alcatraz island. Now a tourist attraction, previously it was a prison cell for notorious criminals. The island is similar to Andaman island of India.
On 16th I visited Stanford university to meet with one of my relatives, who works there. The Stanford campus is really really great.
On 17th morning I had return flight from SFO, I arrived kolkata on 18th Sep at 8pm.
Pictures Courtesy : Dr. Shaunak Das
Here some brief information directly from Shaunak. We are more than excited to have you as part of our Small Kolkata Local Guides family, it means a lot. It’s time to introduced our  Kolkata Local Guides community bigger audience and make it grand. Stay tuned more details post will be posted shortly.

Kounteya Sinha’s Photography Exhibition Stone Opening

On 24th June, 2016 Friday at The Harrington Street Arts Centre was excellent show STONE – Being and Becoming by internationally aclamied photographer Kounteya Sinha.


Kounteya Sinha an Award wining journalist, his passion lies behind the lens. He rarely belongs anywhere. Photographer Kounteya Sinha’s STONE – BEING AND BECOMING – a 95,000 km journey explores and captures the romance of being static — the story of a rock becoming an astounding architectural wonder to the metamorphosis of us humans turning to stone – the phenomenon of unfeeling.

The series of photographs from over 22 countries taken over a span of 440 days portray human creations as silent sentries – breathing and alive. The photographs also document some of the world’s most stunning pieces of architectural work through windows – not to look out, but actually to look within. From the cobbled streets of Prague with its desolate beauty that showed to the photographer a parallel to human life to the “twin heart”, something that photographer will unveil in this show – the only two places in the world where nature has created a perfect heart, Kounteya Sinha’s photographs are harsh yet lyrical.

From left to right US Consul general Craig Hall, actor Mumtaz Sorcar, Dr Rupali Basu, Director Shiboprosad Mukherjee, Producer Atanu Raychaudhuri, Kounteya Sinha and RJ Roy (2)

The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr Rupali Basu, President and CEO, Apollo Hospitals, US Consul General Craig L. Hall, versatile actor Mumtaz Sorcar, director Shiboprosad Mukherjee, producer Atanu Raychaudhuri along with the photographer Kounteya Sinha. The event was moderated by the young and popular RJ Roy.

From left to right US Consul general Craig Hall, actor Mumtaz Sorcar, Dr Rupali Basu, Director Shiboprosad Mukherjee, Producer Atanu Raychaudhuri, Kounteya Sinha and RJ Roy (2)

Dr Rupali Basu thanked everyone for attending and went on to add

“You can feel the stones reverberating with life in the photographs. You just have to look around to see the beautiful creations. Thank you Kounteya, for bringing your talent to Kolkata. I am honoured to be a part of Stone.”

Director Shiboprosad Mukherjee elaborated

“Every stone has a story, be it in Lithuania or Kolkata. The sense that you have elaborated upon these stories is just extraordinary.”

Director Shiboprosad Mukherjee

Producer Atanu Raychaudhuri too was all praises for the photographer, while actor Mumtaz Sorcar added

“He is a true magician. The stone is static, but Kounteya has given life to them. I have been to many of these places but I admire Kounteya’s point of view and how he interprets the world around him.”

Kounteya Sinha and Madhu Neotia

Bobby Chakravorty

Kounteya Sinha with Maina Bhagat and Anjum Katyal

Mrs Madhu Neotia, President of Ladies Study Group Abhilasha Sethia, designer Sharbari Datta, fashion expert Jeena Mitra Banik, fashion designer Agnimitra Paul, actor Bobby Chakraborty, producer Satrajit Sen, writer Anjum Katyal, director of Oxford Bookstore Maina Bhagat, artist Elena Banik, socialite Nina Saxer and Priyanka and Prateek Raja of Experimenter Gallery were present at the inauguration among others.

Agnimitra Paul

Kounteya Sinha

A journey of 95000 kms , 25 countries , 410 days and one story ! 

He has spent half of his life looking at the world as a journalist, Kounteya’s finds a story in the most unlikely of places, is able to peel off layer by layer to expose the real from the got up.

When a passionate photgrapher and an avid Journalist comes back to the roots after 16 years. He rediscovers himself and his city once more and finds his connect to everything living or dead. Stone -Being and Becoming , come and meet  Kounteya Sinha at his show , he is all set to take you to an unforgettable journey showcasing different interpretations about stone.

Almost 25 years ago, you saw him play a part that the world said he deserved an Oscar for. Now he returns to Kolkata to answer Kounteya’s call. The grand thespian Om Puri, who played the rickshaw wala in The City of Joy is flying down from Mumbai tomorrow to host the first ever evening of art for Kolkata’s real heroes – rickshaw walas. 50 rickshaw walas are coming to the Harrington Street Arts Centre tomorrow at 4 pm with Om Puri playing the host. So come to The Harrington Street Arts Centre on Sunday at 4 pm. Show the rickshaw walas the love they deserve. This exhibition now open for public.

World Music Day Celebrations Kolkata 2016

This Tuesday 21st June, 2016 was very musical and entertaining day. Normally we listen music all the time, thats life. On 21st day was The World Music Day (Fête de la Musique). In past decade to 21st century its change the industry. Now music is very affordable to listen for radiointernet and many more platform; its growing day by day.



It’s happy to saw that now in Kolkata celebrated World Music day in a great way. Lots of organisations and institutions came up with very interesting events and most of them were free. So it’s a great opportunity to those of you could not effort to have them or trying instruments and your passion. During this time they offer to new comer or unknown musician a big platform to showcase their skills. In Kolkata Park Street is a great connection to music stuff.




Jamming with Yidam (Varun Desai) Pradip Chattopadhyay (Bulada), Ridh and Gabu

collage 2

collage 3

It’s great privilege to this time apart from the audience, to in front of stage. I was  happy to be a part of a amazing team. It was heritage building in Park Street called as Park Mansion where  Music day 2016 celebrations hosted by the Alliance Francaise du Bengale, Park Street.  Stéphane Amalir, the Director of Alliance Française du Bengale inauguration the event. 




This year event celebrated the ‘Unknown Musician’ of our city. In order to make this year’s festival more participative and interactive introduced various activities like
Photo Exhibition by Sukanta Pal & Richa Bhavanam
Sound & Electronic Music workshop by Yidam
Musical instrument exhibit
Performance by students of Academy of Music Excellence
Open Mic by singer songwriters from Kolkata 
Live performance by group – ‘Music Down the Corridor’ 
Live performance by students of Alliance Franacise du a Bengale 




The list of singers  who was performed follows and more

tHe soHam (Soham Bhattacharya)
Carolina Norbu
Dipto Bhattacharjee
Sourjyo Sinha
Shata Mukherjee
Rajasri Mukhopadhyay



collage 1

The schedule was as follows

Exhibition opens at 2 pm
3 pm – 6 pm : workshop by Yidam
4 pm – 6:30 pm : Open Mic (singer songwriter)
6: 30 pm – 7 pm : Live performance by Alliance Francaise du Bengale choir
7 pm – 7.20 pm : Live performance by AMEC
7.20 pm – 8 pm : Live performance by Music Down The Corridor
8 pm – 9 pm : Live performance by YIDAM (workshop output)




Each year, the Fête de la Musique (World Music Day) announced the official arrival of summer in France, and monsoon in India. This year there was no exception to the rule, but yet there was an important development. In Kolkata this popular festival, born more than 25 years back in France. Today hotels, cafes, associations, cultural centres, etc. offer a stage open to amateur musicians and free concerts to music lovers. An exhibition of over around 30 photographs on the theme Fête de la Musique in Kolkata.



It was a breathtaking musical event. Hope you liked it.

See you my next post!

Bloggers Meet with Soul Chants girl Silki Agrawal

It was a nice afternoon spent with Soul Chants girl Silki Agrawal. On 8th June 2016, Wednesday this meet taken place at Shisha, Kolkata.

DSCN7984 E

She born in the family of doctors and always loved everything to do with music, singing and dancing drawn to soulful music. Her childhood spent in the lap of nature at Ranikhet, Uttarakhand at Ashok Hall girl’s residential school and completed graduation from Pune University. She has participated and won various singing competitions. She loving wife of businessman Sumaysh Agrawal and caring mother of her 9 year old son Yashvardhan who support her talent immensely.

DSCN7872 E

DSCN7832 E

She launched her first album ‘Guru Mantra’ in 2011 at a World Pranic Healing Convention in Singapore which sold over 4000 copies worldwide. Her passion to spread soulful inspirational music around the globe. Second album “Soul Chants” released in Jan’ 2015, latest album “Soul Chants” had been nominated for GIMA Awards (Global Indian Music Academy Awards) along the likes of Sonu Nigam, Shankar Mahadevan and S.P. Balasubramaniam. This album “Soul Chants” has been composed by the extremely talented music composer Kabeer Kathpalia and mixing done by KJ Singh who does most of A. R. Rehman songs.

DSCN7989 E

After ‘Soul Chants’ her next album is scheduled to be released by Sept’ 2016. The video of her new album was shooting on Apple iPhone 6S, directed by Avinash Vasu and the same will be in consideration by Apple to be used in their advertisement. Her music is available online in different platform like  Amazon, iTunes and SoundCloud.

Apart from that she is a founder trustee of the service arm of Pranic Healing School called “Caring Heart Foundation, India”, which helps the underprivileged become self sustainable. This is affiliated to the international organisation “Caring Heart Foundation, Manila”. She also currently working as a creative consultant to a leading interior firm “Spaces and Design” in Kolkata. Her love for expressing beauty and keen sense of aesthetics is reflected in her designs.

DSCN7982 E

Check out a small videography below,  a sneak peak of interaction with Singer Silki Agrawal followed by Soulful music. Hope you like it.


DSCN7977 E

It was a great time with SoulChants girl with her Soulful voice. It’s feel peace and refresh mind  and perfect for spiritual or meditation. Specially Ajay Alai Song it’s pretty awesome. Hope you like it this musical post.

Thanks for reading!                                                                                                                                     See you my next post.

Inter School Shakespeare Festival inaugurated in Kolkata 

On 6th May 2016 inaugurated The Inter School Shakespeare Festival at Starmark, South City Mall Kolkata. This Festival hosted Mr John Bagul, Principal, South City International School in association with Enigma and Ahava Communications.  The inaugural  event entailed educationists, and eminent personalities from all walks of life, media and students.

Inauguration of Inter School Shakespeare festival from l to r Maina Bhagat, Ushoshi Sengupta, Anjum Katyal, Barun Chandra, Prof Anand Lal and Ramanjit Kaur

This inaugural event special guest was Ushoshi Sengupta, Ms Universe India 2010, Founder CEO at TES and Vice President at Dream World Edu Services LLP. The Inter School Shakespeare Festival kick started by lightning the lamp. The whole event moderated by Mona Sen Gupta.

After inaugurated the Festival, there was a panel discussion titled ” IS SHAKESPEARE CONTEMPORARY? “.

DSCN7144 E

DSCN7135 E

DSCN7127 E

Anjum Katyal introduced the topic to the audience and recounted excerpts showing that most phrases still used in contemporary times have their origin in Shakespearean drama, Barun Chanda too said that he believes that Shakespeare is contemporary. The well-known actor went on to speak of his college days trying to play Hamlet where he “quietly slipped into the character,” by the end of the drama and added that Shakespeare’s language is “rich and influencing.”

Drawing a parallel between world dramatists from the Greek, French and Spanish ethos to that of the Bard, Professor Anand Lal went on to add that while, “It is very difficult to describe Shakespeare in just a few words”, he believes that while our Colonial past has made Shakespeare perhaps a bit more important to us than the rest, he strongly agrees, In Shakespeare we find an amalgamation of all types of genres in drama which is perhaps not present in any other language or age.

Nivedita Bhattacharjee recounted, “What makes Shakespeare above and beyond the rest and the first modern dramatist is the fact that while Greek dramatists spoke of the ravages outside, it was Shakespeare who first spoke about the man grappling with the ravages that tore him from the inside. She went on to applaud the character of Portia in The Merchant of Venice who showed her fortitude when she spoke about carving a pound of flesh, “but not even a drop of blood.”

Classical dancer Vikram Iyengar drew a parallel between classical dance and Shakespearean play saying, “I strongly believe that Shakespearean drama is somewhat similar to Classical dance. What it needs in its inception is a good teacher.” He went on to add that the fact that Shakespeare is still interpreted in so many methods and modes just goes on to prove how versatile his drama is.

Ramanjit Kaur started off by recounting Portia’s dramatic monologue from Merchant of Venice and spoke how contemporary dramatists have found ways of modernising Shakespearean drama by using modern props and often various POV methods.

 Ushoshi Sengupta recounted her experience of reading Shakespeare as a child and said she believes that Shakespeare is one dramatist who will always be loved by all.

DSCN7261 E

DSCN7165 E


The panellists of the evening were Ananda Lal, Professor of English, Jadavpur University; Theater critic Barun Chanda, actor and author; Nivedita Bhattacharjee, theatre personality and former journalist; Ramanjit Kaur, whose film credits include Deepa Mehta’s Videsh-Heaven on Earth and Fire, actor and Artistic Director of Creative Arts and Vikram Lyengar, Artistic Director at Ranan and others. The panel was moderated by the Co-Director of the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival (AKLF), Ms Anjum Katyal. After an hour long fabulous panel discussion comes to end followed by Q&A session.


DSCN7190 E

The three-day festival will be held on May 9, 10 and 11 (10 am – 4 pm) at the South City International  School auditorium at 375, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata. In this occasion, 10 participating schools are South City International School, Sri Sri Academy, Sushila Birla Girls School, DPS Newtown, Loreto House, St James High School, Akshar, Calcutta International School, La Martiniere for Girls and Ballygunge Sikha Sadan. This 3 days festival will include lots of interesting competitions like drama, quiz, art and a debate on “Did Shakespeare really write his plays?”. Inter-School Play Competition where 6 schools will enact two to three scenes from Shakespeare’s dramas. The duration of each play will be for 70 minutes. The plays will be enacted from The Merchant of Venice: Hamlet: Othello: Julius Caesar:  Romeo and Juliet: Macbeth: Twelfth Night: As You Like It: The MidSummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest Prize distribution ceremony will be held on May 11th at 4 pm.

Principal South City International School, John Bagul

Programme Schedules 


Schools to perform: Sushila Birla Girls’ School and Delhi Public School (New Town)

Judges: Anjana Basu, Shuktara Lal


Schools to perform: St. James School, Loreto House

Judges : Biplab Dasgupta, Antara Banerjee

2 pm: Inter-School Quiz Competition on Shakespeare’s Plays mentioned above.

Quiz Master: Tathagata Chowdhury Founder member, Theatrician.

Schools participating: Loreto House, DPS New Town, St. James, Sushila Birla for Girls, Ballygunge Siksha Sadan, Calcutta International School, La Martiniere for Girls, Akshar, South City International School



Schools to perform: Sri Sri Academy and South City International School

Judges: Nivedita Bhattacharjee, Chef Sunshine Bhattacharjee

2pm:  Inter-School Debate Competition: Title: Did Shakespeare Write his plays?

Nine Schools to participate: Loreto House, DPS New Town, St. James, Sushila Birla for Girls, Ballygunge Siksha Sadan, Calcutta International School, La Martiniere for Girls, Akshar, South City International School

Moderator: Deb Kumar Mitra

Judges: Neel Adhikari and Kalpita Sarkar


Schools participating:  Loreto House, DPS New Town, St. James, Sushila Birla for Girls, Ballygunge Siksha Sadan, Calcutta International School, La Martiniere for Girls, Akshar, South City International School- The schools will sketch/paint/draw wither Shakespeare, or his characters or the Elizabethan stage etc

Judges: Antara Bannerjee and Sufia Khatoon


May 11: 4 pm: The Principal, South City International School, Mr John Bagul, will give away the prizes.

This festival Open to all for everybody.


Tata Motors TIAGO Launch in Kolkata @ Taj Bengal 

Finally Tata Motors commercially  Launched TIAGO in Kolkata. This new zippy, innovative & fresh design language, cutting edge driving dynamics  TIAGO car exclusively launched Event happened on 11th April, 2016, Monday at Taj Bengal.

After long time back Tata Motors finally brings their new Car TIAGO  with killer Price tag in the market. Mr SN Burman VP Sales, Passenger Vehicle Business Unit (PVBU) Tata Motors and Ravindra Jain Head Products Marketing, PVBU Tata Motors jointly extended the hand to launch the Brand new TIAGO car.

Also launched the Tata Motors Service Connect, a new service application for TIAGO customers. It’s Fantastico!

Tata Motors newly launched the TIAGO is the first car to flaunt the new IMPACT at the first sight and a lasting IMPACT overtime, with inputs from the Pune, U.K. And Italy design studios have contributed to the car’s Designext credos – Humanity Line, Slingshot line and Diamond DLO, giving it a bold and sculpted look.

TIAGO‘s interiors well crafted with a Premium touch. This car’s materials used are very tastefully selected with highest quality of craftsmanship. The geometric texture accented with chrome handles, knitted fabrics, color harmony, layered design theme with a dual tone interior, customization air vents, premium graphics on the fabric and body hugging seat bolsters lend a very upmarket and inviting feel to the interiors. The dashboard has been designed elegantly with all controls within easy reach and comes with the next generation ConnectNext infotainment system by HARMAN (Trademark), complemented by the sporty instrument cluster pods. The central console sports rotary knobs which provide for a contemporary design and a better tactile feel.

The stylish design complemented by enhanced performance and driving dynamics. The TIAGO will be available in petrol and diesel variants, two new engines – Revotron 1.2L (petrol engine) and Revotorq 1.05L (diesel engine), ingenuously developed by the company in-house and globally bench marked for a refined performance on road.

Both these engines have been designed and programmed to deliver superior fuel economy and a peppy driving experience with a segment-first feature, the Multi-drive mode – City and Eco. It is equivalent to offering the performance of two engines in one. The two drive modes are supported by an advanced Engine Management System (EMS). It comes with scooped out front backs for more leg room and adjustable driver seat height or a comfortable driving position. Multi-information display that shares vital vehicle info on the go. It also comes with smart driver side pocket, cup-holders on the front console. iPad holder in glove box, smart recessed storage on dashboard, which make the drive experience very comfortable and more.

It take cares new generation App mania culture. The Juke-Car App, a first-in-segment feature, utilizes mobile hotspot to create a virtual network and host a service for sharing list of available songs in the device. All connected devices can view the song list on the hotspot device. Users can place their requested song for queuing. Enhancing the comfort and convenience of passengers, the car also has delectable vehicle setup like ‘follow me home’ timer and steering mounted controls.

This car starts from INR  3.20 Lakhs*  a killer price tag. This car starting price of INR 3.37 Lakhs, ex-showroom Kolkata, for the Revotron 1.2L (petrol) variant and INR 4.14 Lakhs, ex-showroom Kolkata, for the Revotorq 1.05L (diesel) variant. The TIAGO available for sale, across the country in over 597 Tata Motors sales outlets. They also take cares Tata Motors| Service Connect, a new customer application  for TIAGO customers. to make a hassle free experience. So Overall Tata Motors gives a nice premium touch product to their customers with Fantastico price tag.

West Bengal Local Guides Meetup at Eco Park, Kolkata

This was very first time Google Local Guides Unofficial meetup held in kolkata at Eco Park (Eco Tourism Park) New Town, Kolkata by West Bengal Local Guides Community. On 27th march 2016, Sunday at 10:00 AM  unofficial local guides meetup was held successfully. This was also  very first time offline meetup in our community. Amitesh Gayen and Dr. Shaunak Das organised this meetup with help of community members.



It’s was very nice to see many or almost maximum participants came all the way from Odisha (formerly Orissa) and many different places for attending this meetup.  Basic idea was get together, visit and collect local information to update the google maps, followed by photos. It was open to all event, anyone can join.





Dr. Shaunak Das take the responsibility to make it grand success, though it was very first meetup so many problems was there but at the end of the day it was very much successfully event no doubt about that. On that day weather was very beautiful to experience the beauty of nature, clicking cool photos and hangout with friends. On this process discussed about how to contribute and if any one facing problem pointing out those problems and solved them very nicely.img_3580

So overall it was a great meetup thank you each one of you for part of this Local Guides journey. This was very special day because it was first step to build our community called Kolkata Local Guides Community. Many post coming shortly regarding local Guides and most importantly Kolkata Local Guides Community.

Basanta Utsav Celebration 2016 @ Jorasankho Thakurbari

Finally! After a long time wants to go Jorasankho Thakurbari. On 15th March , 2016 fullfilled it. This time was Basanta Utsav Celebration 2016 at Rabindra Bharati University Campus. Every time during  Dol utsav or Holi wahtever call it, it’s famous for it. This is one of the most favorite destination for Basanta Utsav.

DSCN2716 E

So because of too much excitement I reached very early around 11 am. This time whole campus was very empty. In that time some of them were busy with behind the sense works. Slowly Slowly peoples coming in to the campus. And started with Selfie, then Photo shoot and its already started.

DSCN2848 E

DSCN2851 E

DSCN2724 E


DSCN2715 E

On the occasion University students perform different cultural activities. Their dance performance very special among others. It’s was mesmerising environment follwed by Rabindra Sangeet.

It was great opportunity for photographers as well as others for getting clicked, It’s pretty good experience.  I loved the ambiance a lot. It’s too much color with beautiful sunshine, shooting in golden hour it’s always big opportunity.








DSCN2761 E

Though it was crowd but i don’t have any problem to shoot, It’s Okay kind of crowd for me. Every Where played with Abir its too much fun to coloring as well as clicked that moments. After all day long shooting clicked many pictures, in that process was very tried, but it was great satisfaction, so those tiredness did not brother me at all. Highly recommended to visit that time you gonna love it. Last but not the least after this happened social media specifically Facebook news feed filled with colorful pictures, every one get some nice shoot, that’s very happy moments. Though some kind of people’s were bored with their activities, but best part the pictures were really good. Jorasanko Thakurbari trending! (P.S : Don’t beat me please)

DSCN3226 E

DSC_0170 E

Hope you liked it, It’s  very colorful.

See you my next post 🙂

Jazz Concert by BEAT KAESTLI @Swissotel

It was nice evening spent through soothing Jazz performance by BEAT KAESTLI . This nice Jazz Concert presented by  Alliance Francaise du Bengale and The Embassy of Switzerland in India at Swissotel Kolkata Neotia Vista on 22th march 2016 at 7 pm.

Beat Kaestli is an internationally acclaimed Jazz vocalist, songwriter, arranger and producer. In 1993 he moved to New York City and was awarded a scholarship to the Manhattan School of Music. 

What a soothing Jazz performance! everyone enjoyed it, and requesting for more songs. Overall it’s was pretty musical evening.

Some info about Beat Kaestli, his CDs “Far From Home” and “Invitation” were included in the official 2010 GRAMMY Selection for “Best Jazz Vocal Album”. March 2014 marked the release of Kaestli’s fifth CD, the French tribute “Collage” (Unit Records), as he continues his international touring with festivals in Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Africa, Asia and Australia and shows in Chile and Europe throughout 2015. His first Live CD “Live in Europe” is scheduled for a physical release in spring 2016 followed by a release tour in Europe and USA.